A Growing Church / Renewal & Reform

One of the clear and intended outcomes of this work is to reverse the decline of the Church of England so that we become a growing church, in every region and for every generation; a church open to and for everyone in England, building up the Body of Christ and working for the common good; a confident Church, equipping new generations of leaders, ordained and lay, for ministry and mission; a serving church where all God’s people live out their vocation to serve and to witness.

That is our aim. Renewal and Reform is not based on a prescription of what every church should be, nor does it represent a single Church of England strategy or describe the whole of the Church of England’s work. We need prayerfully to build on our rich inheritance: the daily and weekly rhythms of prayer, worship and proclamation; the thousands of hours of spoken and unspoken service in and to the community; the touching of lives at profound points through weddings, funerals and baptisms and sector ministries; the place for the committed and the enquirer, for people of very loud and very quiet faith; the planned and the random encounters; the evangelistic voice, proclaiming the love of Jesus in and to this generation; the prophetic voice, the continued call for justice and mercy; the assumption – and reality – that the church is still there when nobody else is willing to help.

Renewal and Reform seeks humbly and prayerfully to build on this inheritance to:

  • Grow disciples in every place who are committed to conforming their own lives to the pattern of Christ and confident in sharing their faith with others and making Christ known
  • Call more clergy and lay leaders into a wider variety of ministries
  • Re-direct money to where it is most needed and makes the most difference
  • Foster a range of creative and imaginative mission projects which both strengthen our inheritance and open up new possibilities
  • Simplify rules and procedures to support and enable rather than inhibit
  • Give renewed voice and hope to the people of God and the communities they serve


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