A Realistic Assessment / Renewal & Reform

As God is faithful there is nothing to fear. And so Renewal and Reform does not seek to duck the challenges and realities facing the church; we know they are serious and deep-rooted. They include:

  • A significant and continuing decline in and ageing of church attendance
  • A significant decline in the number of stipendiary clergy, which is due to accelerate in the next ten years
  • The unsustainability of certain patterns of ministry
  • The lack of capacity in at least some dioceses to envision, develop and implement strategies for a more hopeful future
  • The lack of leadership capacity in some places to respond effectively to current and future challenges
  • The legal and cultural constraints and the institutional inertias that impede necessary change

But we benefit from a common understanding that each of the above offers significant opportunities. Renewal and Reform will seek to enable and facilitate confident and hopeful engagement with these and other challenges, nurturing the good and re-imagining the unsustainable.

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